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GardenEdge Anchoring Spikes (25, 8 in)

Secure Your Landscaping with 25 Pcs 8-Inch Plastic Edging Stakes!

- Versatile: These stakes can be used for a variety of applications such as edging, weed barriers, turf, and tents.
- Cost-effective: This set of 25 stakes is an affordable option for those looking to save money on their landscaping projects.

These Plastic Edging Stakes are perfect for creating a neat and tidy landscape. This set includes 25 pieces of 8-inch landscape edging anchoring spikes, made from durable spiral nylon. They are ideal for securing paver edging, weed barriers, turf, and tents. The anchoring spikes are easy to install, and provide a secure hold for your outdoor projects. The plastic spikes are weather-resistant and designed to last. With their simple installation and long-lasting durability, these plastic edging stakes are a great choice for all your outdoor projects.