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MTB 20-Pack 10 Inch Heavy Duty Plastic Edging Nails

Secure Your Garden with the MTB 20-Pack 10 Inch Heavy Duty Plastic Edging Nails!

- Versatile: These nails can be used for both edging and terrace board applications.
- Variety of sizes: The package includes 10-inch nails, allowing you to choose the size that best suits your needs.

This MTB 20-Pack-10 Inch Heavy Duty Plastic Edging Nails are the perfect solution for anchoring and securing terrace board and edging. Made from high-quality plastic, these nails are both durable and reliable. They are designed to be driven into the ground with a hammer, making installation quick and easy. The green color of the nails makes them blend in with the surrounding landscape and look aesthetically pleasing. The 10 inch length is ideal for securing terrace board and other edging materials. With this 20-pack of nails, you'll have plenty of nails for your project. These heavy duty plastic edging nails are the perfect choice for any landscaping project.