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EasyFlex Landscape Anchor Stakes

Secure Your Landscape with the EasyFlex 10 in. Anchoring Stake Pack - 10 Ct., Black

- Versatile - the stakes can be used to anchor landscape fabric, edging, and other outdoor items.
- Cost-effective - the 10-pack of stakes is an economical way to secure your outdoor items.

The EasyFlex 10 in. Landscape Anchoring Stake Pack - 10 Ct., Black is an essential item for any outdoor project. These stakes are made of durable, black plastic and are perfect for anchoring landscape fabrics, edging, and even decorative lawn ornaments. The 10-inch length provides a secure hold in the ground and the pointed tip makes installation easy. The pack includes 10 stakes, so you’ll have plenty of anchors for any project. They’re also UV resistant, so they won’t fade or become brittle in the sun. These stakes are perfect for any home or commercial landscaping project and will provide a secure hold for years to come.