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CAIGAIC Garden Landscape Edging Stakes

Secure Your Garden Landscape with CAIGAIC's 30 Pack of 10 Inch Anchoring Stakes!

- 10 inch length is perfect for anchoring edging materials such as terrace board, landscape edging coil, grass barrier, bender board, and garden liner.
- 30 pack allows for multiple uses and projects.

CAIGAIC Landscape Edging Stakes are the perfect tool for creating beautiful, defined borders around your garden, lawn, or terrace. These 30-pack 10-inch stakes are made of durable galvanized steel, ensuring they will provide lasting support for your landscaping projects. They can be used to secure landscape edging coils, grass barriers, bender boards, and garden liners. The stakes are easy to install and can be used with a hammer or mallet. Their pointed design allows them to penetrate the ground easily and stay firmly in place. The stakes are rust and corrosion resistant, making them perfect for outdoor use. With these CAIGAIC Landscape Edging Stakes, you can create a neat and attractive border for your garden or terrace with ease.