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AAGUT Tent Stake Set (25 Pack)

Secure Your Tent and Christmas Decorations with AAGUT 25-Pack 9" Tent Stakes!

- Versatile: These tent stakes can be used for a variety of applications, such as tarps, inflatable items, outdoor Christmas decorations, and garden edging fences.
- Value for money: The 25 pack of tent stakes provides great value for money, as it is enough to secure tents or other items.

This 25-pack of AAGUT Tent Stakes is the perfect solution for any outdoor camping needs. The 9 inch galvanized steel tent pegs are a heavy-duty 6 gauge, making them strong enough to hold down any tarp, inflatable, or outdoor decorations. The metal garden edging fence hooks are designed to easily secure any tent or tarp to the ground. The galvanized steel construction ensures that these tent stakes are rust-resistant and will last for years. The pointed tips make them easy to insert into the ground, and the bright colors make them easy to spot and pull out. These tent stakes are perfect for any camping trip, outdoor event, or even for securing decorations for the holidays. With the AAGUT Tent Stakes, you can be sure that your tent and decorations will stay secure and safe.