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60-Pack 8-Inch Plastic Edging Nails

Secure Your Landscape with 60-Pack 8 Inch Plastic Edging Nails

- Secure and safe: The landscape edging stakes are designed to secure and protect your artificial turf, paver edging, weed barrier, and tent from being pulled up or displaced.
- Cost-effective: The 60-pack of 8 inch plastic edging nails is a cost-effective solution for your landscaping needs.

This set of 60 8-inch plastic edging nails are perfect for landscaping projects. The spiral nylon design makes them great for anchoring artificial turf, paver edging, weed barrier, and tent stakes. They are easy to install and provide a secure hold for your outdoor projects. The 8-inch length is long enough to provide a secure hold in the ground, yet short enough to be unobtrusive. The plastic material is also rust-proof and weather-resistant, so your projects will stay secure for years to come. With this set of 60 edging nails, you can easily secure your outdoor projects and create a beautiful landscape.