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Garden Edging Spikes Kit

Secure Your Landscaping with 30 Pcs Spiral Landscape Anchoring Spikes!

- Versatile: the spikes can be used to anchor down landscape fabrics, edging, and other items.
- Economical: the 30-piece set provides a cost-effective solution for a variety of landscaping and garden needs.

This 30 piece set of Spiral Landscape Anchoring Spikes is perfect for any landscaping project. The 8 inch spikes are made from durable plastic and nylon, making them strong and long lasting. They can be used to secure fabric edging for a neat, finished look. The sharp spiral shape makes them easy to insert into the ground and the bright green color blends in perfectly with your garden. These spikes are an ideal choice for securing garden edging, lawn edging, and landscaping fabrics. The set includes 30 spikes, providing you with enough to complete any project. With these Spiral Landscape Anchoring Spikes, you can create a neat and tidy garden in no time.