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200 Pack 8" Plastic Garden Spikes

Securely Anchor Your Garden Edging with 200 Pack 8 Inch Landscape Stakes!

- Versatile - the stakes can be used for a variety of projects, including edging, weed barriers, turf, and house construction.
- Cost-effective - the 200 pack of 8-inch stakes is an economical way to complete any landscaping project.

This 200 Pack of 8 Inch Landscape Edging Stakes is the perfect solution for securing your lawn, garden, and home. The plastic garden spikes are made of durable, spiral nylon that is designed to anchor securely into the ground. These landscape anchoring spikes are ideal for edging pavers, preventing weed growth, and securing turf. The 8 Inch length is perfect for construction projects around the house, and the stakes are easy to install and remove. With this 200 pack, you'll have enough stakes to secure your entire landscape. Get your pack of 8 Inch Landscape Edging Stakes today and protect your lawn and home.